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Once again, this Political Party Citizens for the Innovation of Equatorial Guinea (CI),  turns to work out to the step to carry out this PUBLIC ACCUSATION, against the Government of Equatorial Guinea and its Political Party PDGE, of  tyrannical and opprobrious lines, that commit execrable Human Rights  violations for the extreme abuse of power, denounces that we direct to the governments of: United Stated of America, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Canada; Belgium, South African Republic, Federal Republic of  Nigeria,  Republic of Ghana, Federal Republic of  Ethiopia, etc., to the supranational organization  (High Commissioner of the United Nations for the Human Rights in the   Security Council); Regional organizations, European union EU with its institutions ( Commission and Parliament ); the African Union with its institutions( Commission, Parliament, the Federation of Human Rights,  Peace and Security Council ); CPLP, ACP; Sub Regional  Organizations CEEAC, CEMAC; Financial Organizations: World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Bank of  Development, as well as, the Defending Organizations of the Human Rights, International Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, and all the  international Media EFE, TVE, BBC, The New York Times, Euronews, RFI, France Press, Terra, La Vanguardia, El Pais, ABC, La Razon, El Heraldo de Aragon , Africa 24, África News, France 24, the reason why we denounce to this tyrannical regime  are the following: violation of the Constitution, the laws and Decrees that promulgates, violation of the international legality of the Civil rights and political, violation of the fundamental human rights  of  people, actions that have been carried out systematically against the militants, directives and elected positions of this Political Party CI , whose facts have developed as following:

First: That, in the year 2014, the autocrat Government of equatorial Guinea,  headed by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, by international pressure, he  sanctioned a decree of General Amnesty in Equatorial Guinea, number 127 of 2014 ,  dated October 21 , which, it permitted that the political leaders of the exile and their  parties, could return to the country and  attend the Fifth  Political and National Dialogue Table, to debate the political matters of the country, to reforms the laws of the national political arranging, in order to normalize the political situation of the country; many political parties of the exile and their leaders, with all  the reasons of the world, crossed out of a liar to the dictatorial regime  of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for not  respecting his  own laws and signatures , for which reason they did  not accept  returning  to the country. However, the national leader of CI, Mr. Gabriel Nsé Obiang Obono, in an attempt to offer margin of doubts to the dictator president Obiang Nguema, He attended this appointment and national political event, with the risks that the whole world predicted and that they did not fail, therefore: once in Malabo, the following things happened:

A)           A large presence of members of the presidential security services  armed with their  black cars were observed, besiege the hotel where Mr. Gabriel Nse Obiang Obono resided, even some rented  adjacent rooms were rented by the presidential security of the dictator Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, it had expatriated white  men in said service, with the mission of intimidating the sympathetic population so that they did not visit him and other criminal intensions, a  fact that gave account to the Interior  Ministry  and, at first, they stopped coming  and,  afterwards, they turned to continue with their  services of vigilance, a fact that forced the adoption  of measures so that  determined militants and family members did not leave the opposition leader alone so that the assassination could not be discreetly consummated.

 B)          However, the CI Leader with determination, he went to the Fifth National Dialogue Table in which debates, the government only imposed his criteria, hence, there was a rupture; part of the political parties abandoned the dialogue. After that failure, intense negotiations in which CI and other parties went to retake the dialogue to reform the laws and among these, that of the political parties so that they could be legalized.

C)           Finished the political dialogue speak  and signed the accords with the commitment of the Government to permit the legalization of other political parties in the country, works that CI being  Independent  Candidature of  Equatorial Guinea, started as soon as finished the dialogue table  speaking in, by getting to shape in record time the expedient or file  of legalization, but, to the subdued to the government, whose term of legalization established in 30 days, was not established as the law, the government started the bonds, first, stayed 6 months without pronouncing the  agrees established by the law of political parties, and when it is pronounced in the cabinets, serve to the top hat that the party had to change the nomination, when the name of the party fulfilled the requirements of the fundamental law and the law of political parties, because when presenting the established legality by themselves, said that it had to do   according to their  idiosyncrasy (that is to say, their abuse of power), the diplomatic corps insisted and they did  not accept, until months later  the name of the party was substituted for the current denomination of Citizens for the Innovation of Equatorial Guinea (CI), after that evidence, the CI party was legalized difficulty until with the intervention of the International Community, based on these facts, the CI party is called to be destroyed  in few months, according to the  information of the same regime.

Second: The CI political party  was legalized officially by means of the Presidential Decree on November 25,  2015, almost a year later, when it had to be 30 days, the facts that the regime and their  PDGE party did in this repeats phase were the following:

A)           The party informed to the Interior  Minister  of his  program to carry out the presentation tour in  the whole country, two and a half months after been legalized, fact that the party had official authorization, but with traps to sabotage the tour, therefore, in throughout the continental part, the government delegates from each  district of the periphery were sitting up provocation traps  to create incidences, but, as the  National Leader was in charge of the party’s tour presentation committee,  many of those traps were aborted, when the party’s entourage  failed  in the interior of the city of Bata to carry  out rally in that city, where could have being more than 30 thousand people, before this hegemony of the new political party, the governmental party PDGE could not hold up, therefore, his  government gave the orders to the place of the meeting to a group of 5 men armed soldiers dressed in civilian clothes to the meeting to create the incident of fight with the militants and sympathizers. They were providing security services at the meeting place violating the law of assembly and demonstration, which protected the CI Political Party, despite said legal provocation, the government in coexistence with its Party PDGE, ordered the suspension of the presentation tour of the new party indefinitely…, a fact that was taking place on February 28, 2016

B)           The CI Party, despite not having been presented in the whole country, however, it assumed the responsibility to present   to the presidential elections that were called in the month of April of the same year 2016, by presenting as candidate to the Presidency of the Republic, to its National and founder Leader, Mr. Gabriel Nsé Obiang Obono. The Governmental Party PDGE and its  Government, by having in memory the recent success of the CI Leader in his tour of presentation in the country which was aborted by the government, they fear losing the presidential elections for which they vetoed the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic of Mr. Gabriel Nse Obiang Obono, alleging the lack of roots of having lived uninterruptedly five years in the country clause that they put in the constitution to prevent those from the exile from participating in the presidential elections. A condition that legally should be lifted by the General Amnesty Decree (Clean slate and new account), but the government and its party PDGE, in order not to lose the elections, violated the validity of the General Amnesty Decree for Mr. Gabriel Nse Obiang Obnon by applying rooting, when other opponents from exile and under the same condition, some with foreign nationality, were allowed to participate in said presidential elections, we are talking about Mrs.  Benedicto Obiang Mangue ( PND) and Tomas Mba Monabang  (UNDGE)

C)           After that arbitrariness carried out by the National Electoral Board (NEB), integrated with 90% for the representatives of the PDGE, the CI party called  a press conference to inform to the national and international public opinion of the position  that it had adopted after excluding unjustly its candidacy to the elections, executed the press conference  in the City of Malabo, the secretary General of the party at that time, Mr. Carmelo Ngomo Abeso Angue, was sent to the city of Bata (continental region), to inform to the militants of that place the decision  taken in the party, once  at the airport in the city of Bata, the militants and directive members that went to receive his  General Secretary, most of them were arrested, more than 150 people  taken to the central police station  and vilely tortured, a woman named Anastasia Bindang who lost her fetus in a six months pregnancy, for that torture, when the party’s National Headquarters in Perez (Malabo) was shot by the state security forces, without any warrant, in which assault many militants   were hit by bullets, is about Vicente Nolasco Mba Ndong and Jesus Ramon Nsue Esono, much intoxication by disabling tears gas, and the National Headquarter was besieged for 15 days. The lifting of said military siege at the National Headquarters and the released of the more than 300 people detained and tortured between the cities of Malabo and Bata, was thanks to the intervention of the Department of State of the US government and the Spanish government by Mariano Rajoy. To the militants of the CI in Malabo and Bata, more than 30 vehicles were taken from them, which have not been returned to date.

Third: After these events  previously  reported, the PDGE party, non-satisfied with all the  reported  mistreatment,  it resorted to its  judicial and  political system to denounce the  National Leader Mr. Gabriel Nsé Obiang Obono, of having insulted to the General Secretary of the Governmental  Party PDGE, then they changed that he  insulted  the PDGE Party, Their  objective of the accusation, impose that the political justice disqualified him in the exercise of the political activity to impose other new leader carried forward of the party as they have done it with all political parties in the country, legally being true or not the alleged injury, since the injury is a minor crime belonging to the private sphere, its maximum penalty does not exceed 200 thousands Cepha francs and the  crime does not carry another  accessory penalty in the penal code, as the intension of the PDGE was to prevent the CI Leader to do politics in the country, since the judicial system, attending to political imperatives of said PDGE, government party tramped on the legality established in the penal code, articles 457, 458 and 459 without having even proven the crime, since they did not allow the  CI witnesses to testify,  declared only those of the PDGE, the political court (Bioko Norte Provincial Court), imposed the National Leader of CI Mr. Gabriel Nsé Obiang Obono, the arrested sentence of more than six months and a fine of 25.000.000 Francs cepha, not provided in the penal code for such case, only the 50.000 of  the old pesetas, which are about 200 thousand cefas francs. An attempt was made to appeal the political sentence before the Supreme Court of Justice, and before seeing the president of the highest judicial body, Juan Carlos Ondo Angue, said the case in hearing, he already said it in public in the activities of his party PDGE that, the greatest thing that the judiciary had done in that Judicial Year of 2016, had been the disqualification of a political leader, that is without trial, while saving the same  juridical being certain or not the supposition insults, to be the insult a smaller belonging crime to the private sphere, your maximum punishment does not sentence to publish it once the Municipal and Legislative Elections of 2017  have been called, and so they did, instead of the Supreme Court of Justice being the jurisdictional body that notified the sentence to Mr. Gabriel Nse Obiang Obono and his lawyer, it was the National Electoral Board (NEB) that already had the sentence saying to the opposition leader that he could not run to the deputy in those elections, telling him that he could not do campaign with his party, to the extent that the Interior  Minister ordered the government delegates that they take away his posters and photograph  in the cars of their electoral group, and invented aspects, which, were not even written in their political sentence, is the fact, the incident of the city of Akonibe between the militants and the police for preventing the party from not campaigning in that city, for caring the photo of their Fonder Leader, after illegally occupied the place assigned to the Political Party CI for the benefits of the PDGE to carry out its rally, again violating all the provisions of the electoral law and the law of assembly and demonstration, events carried out by the PDGE and its Government, which the electoral law criminally punishes.

Fourth: In the incidents of the city of Aconibe,  the public opinion has to be informed that, according to a video evidence  of a youth of the PDGE, he assured  that, two months before taking place the legislative and  municipal elections, the First Lady of Equatorial Guinea  arrived to the city of Aconibe, by encouraging to the authorities of Aconibe to create in any way whatever incidents to the CI Party during its electoral meeting in this location and whom do it will receive his/her recompense and so she made, by promoting the police commissioner  that perpetrated this incident to the position of General Director of fight against the terrorism and the delinquency. After the incidents of Aconibe nobody was arrested on the spot immediately, but the CI Party was forbidden for the Government and its PDGE Party carries out the electoral campaign in Aconibe.

Fifth:  After the electoral campaign ended, on November 12 the voting took place, the government continued to mistreat the CI especially as follows:

a)            They gave it a false electoral cartography, many members of the electoral tables of the map, did not coincide with the numbering of the electoral tables in the field.

b)           There were many electoral tables that not figured in the delivered cartography to the CI Party

c) The presidents of the electoral tables and the militaries prevented to the CI interveners to occupy the electoral tables to monitor voting, some interveners of C.I. were expelled from their tables by points Kalashnikov rifles and pistols.

d) In many tables of the periphery of the country CI ballots were not placed and this also happened in the big cities in those the ballots were placed very late already with a little fear for the presence of the diplomatic corps.

e) There was a public vote, multiple vote, etc., facts carried out for the members of the PDGE violating publicly the electoral law.

f) In the count of the scrutiny, the member of the PDGE is the one who receives the electoral ballots in the district electoral boards, by putting the wishes of his PDGE Party as he sees fit and awarding those he wants to the opposition CI coalition Juntos Podemos .

g) The President of  the Republic himself, after making the exercise of his  right to vote and once before the national and international medias, instead of encouraging  the population to carry out  voting  without incidents, surprisingly,  what he did, was to instruct publicly to the prosecutors,  judges and magistrates to initiate  urgently expedient against CI to dissolve  it as soon as possible, below the false pretext that, wanted to assume the power by means of the force and violence, when the process of the voting were developing in an environment of apparent normality, while that the same governmental Party (PDGE) and its Government,  are those who created a climate of Reign of Terror and intimidation, for threatening to the interveners of the opposition (CI), as well as, fill fear to the voters.

h) After finishing the voting, with all the irregularities previously presented, CI presented an electoral appeal for impugnation to the National Electoral Board (NEB) which was admitted.

Sixth: After they finished caring out the general scrutiny and give  the first provisional results,  in which they already fraudulently assigned a seat to CI, in the chamber of Deputies and another in the Central City Council of Malabo, while we waited through the NEB, the Provincial  Court  of Bioko Norte was going to solve the electoral challenge  resource against the general scrutiny, on November 15, the National Headquarters received the news from the city of Akonibe, that the CI militants they were already being detained and brutally tortured by the police Commissioner, Conrado Jesus Obiang Maye (Omanito), this fact, and added to the electoral fraud, forced the CI party to call a demonstration to demand the release of the detainees who were being vile and inhumanly tortured, a manifestation that the government did not authorized. On December 25, the news is heard that an attempted coup against the President of the Republic whose elements were located in Kio Ossi Akombang – Cameroon has been thwarted.

seventh: The constitutional court officially proclaimed  the results of the elections by recognizing a seat to CI in the chamber of Deputies and another seat in the Central City Council of Malabo, 99% for the PDGE and its associated parties, there is not seat for the Juntos Podemos  electoral coalition (CPDS and UCD),  despite of hanging against this electoral process an electoral contentious resource , filled in time and  form by the political party Citizens for the Innovation of Equatorial Guinea (CI), said  proclamation of the electoral results being null and void, because  an electoral challenge resource was pending that has never been resolved until the date.

Eighth:  On December 27,  2017, after the elections, surprisingly the news pepper La Vanguardia de Cataluña (Spain) and the Africa Media television, the letter medium that is related  to PDGE and its  Government, published  that the National Leader of CI  Mr. Gabriel Nsé Obiang Obono, wanted to perpetrate a coup d'état to the Government  held by PDGE and its  president, an information that sounded as a joke of bad taste at first, or as if it was the day of the Holy Innocents , because the news  was unheard of an outrageous, but the next day 28, the National Headquarters  of  CI and the entire block where is located, was already crowded with nearly 2000 soldiers armed to the teeth and the following scenes took place:

a)            The military contingent was commanded by the then lieutenant colonel of the police, Juan Engonga Obama, who appeared to arrest the executive member of the CI whose were in the electoral campaign in the city of Akonibe, presenting any paper without the signature of the Judicial Authority, who ordered the areas of all the people he found in front of the headquarter without having committed any crime and ordering them to be mistreated. 

b)           Before this military presence, many party’s members came to the headquarters to find out what was happening, the police commander ordered to shoot at them with tears gas and real ammunitions, hitting some young people, they proceeded to arrest the party’s militants everywhere whose were followed throughout the city until night, some of these young people  (women and men) jumping into the Timbabe River ravine, many were saved by God, more than 150 people were arrested, all militants of the CI party those who were taken to the central police station of Malabo (Guantanamo), the treatment they were given was inhuman, cruel torture, fractures of the hands, very serious injuries to the buttocks forcing them to accept that the Leader Mr. Gabriel Nse Obiang Obono wanted to carry out a Coup D’état, and despite this torture to death ( hell on earth), according to the textual words from the same Minister of National Security Nicolas Obama Nchama, who gave orders directly to the police personnel who carried out the said torture, no one agreed to say this falsehood that the party and his Leader wanted to carry out that coup D’état against the President Obiang Nguema, the militant Santiago Ebee Ela died in Malabo and Juan Obama Edu died among the detainees in the Evinayong prison, there were elected officials, while in the  Bata city police station, it was also filed with the party militants, reason , CI wanted to carry out a coup. The National Headquarters was under siege, threatened to be assaulted to an annihilate the National Leader Mr. Gabriel Nse Obiang Obono, with all the executives who were at the National Headquarters on December 28, 2017, this siege had also been lifted, thanks to the intervention of the International Community for verifying the false accusation of the coup against the National Leader of CI and the same party, the siege situation lasted eleven days without people being able to drink water or eat food, there are not reasons that justify these atrocities and crimes of aggression by the government and its party PDGE, just because CI  makes the PDGE uncomfortable, for having presented an electoral challenge against the general scrutiny, hence the false accusations against CI and its National Leader of the Coup D’état, a coup plotted and perpetrated by the same members of PDGE, whose evidence works legally in the Bata macro judgment sentence and its own resolution number 28 dated December 2, 2018.

Ninth: During these environments of detentions, cruel torture, jail, and deaths of CI militants, the government decided to form the parliament and the city council, and does so without having elected, CI at least give some smell of political pluralism in the institutions, parliament and city council of Malabo despite the fact that the electoral challenge against these results is pending.

Tenth: All the detainees of CI they were taken to the main land in a container boat dripping with blood and smelling of putrefaction  from the tremendous tortures wounds, men and women many of them young, until they were taken to Evinayong Prison, both of Bata, Akonibe and those of Malabo, more than 200 people.

Eleventh: The PDGE and its government order a speedy trial against the innocents of CI, the mission is carried out by the Attorney General of the Republic, the then Deputy Attorney General Anatolio Nsang Nguema who, insisted on taking statement from the CI party militants, according to his own testimonies, which he later went to judge at the Mongomo’s macro trial. 

Twelfth:  The trail was purely political, the Attorney General of the Republic, defender of the law from impartiality, dedicated himself to campaigning against the political party CI on Equatorial Guinea Television and Asonga Television, announcing its illegalization with serious accusations fabricated by them that to date cannot be proven, despite this political campaign by the prosecution, support the judge of the judicial district of Akonibe, who finally instructed the summary, did not impute in the summary the political party Citizens for Innovation of Equatorial Guinea CI, in its capacity as a legal person to be trialed and, therefore, condemned, on the legal grounds of the order of prosecution of the summary, in considering Third of the legal foundations, said that: “in accordance with the provisions of article 17 of the law number 4/2015 dated May 28, on political parties in Equatorial Guinea, proceeds likewise, and in a subsidiary manner, that the Leader of the political party Citizens for Innovation of Equatorial Guinea CI, also provide sufficient bail in the same terms” leaving that the party did not have to be judged, as said in article 17 says thus: 

“If, as a consequence of the political activities of a political party, in use of the exercise of the rights recognized in this law and in the general legal order, loss of human life, injury to persons or material damage to movable property is caused, and buildings of any kind, both criminal and civil responsibilities for the facts, will be attributed first of all to those directly responsible and, subsidiary, to party officials.”

This is what the judge requested in accordance with the law, the prosecution in compliance with the instruction of the PDGE said that it was up to it to dissolve the political parties, and imposed the dissolution of the Political Party CI without having been charged or trialed, and this started in the political sentence, against all legality. Condemning  the militants to 42 years of unjust imprisonment, in the month of March of the year 2018, realizing without charge the military who did violate the electoral law and the law of assembly and demonstration, and all received promotions for political charges, In the prosecution and the police.

Thirteenth-Amnesty and pardon: After this  unjust political sentences, the conviction of the International Community did not wait , therefore it rained, the National Leader of CI denounced the situation of abuse of power and Human Rights violations suffered by the CI and its militants  before the representative of the General Secretary of the United Nation for Central Africa, residing in Libreville Gabon, presenting him that, in order to put an end to this events, they would make it possible for there to be an urgent between the government and the political parties before the representative  of the International Community UN, EU, AU, etc.; the proposal was accepted and the topic of that meeting was worked on by the UN, which was called for the Sixth National Political Dialogue Table, in which all legal or non legal political parties had to enter, subject of the Decree of Total Amnesty, said proposal, was carried out. The President of the Republic passed the Total Amnesty Decree number 108/2018 dated July 4, and another by which the Sixth Dialogue Table convened, the first article said Decree of Total Amnesty, up to here in force says the following, with residence in Libreville Gabon, by presenting  that, to put end to these facts, that made possible an urgent meeting between the Government and all political parties in the presence of the representatives of the International Community ONU, EU, UA, etcetera.; the proposal was accepted and worked the topic of that meeting for mandate of the ONU, the who named Sixth Tables of Political National Dialogue, having to attend  all political parties legalized or not, previous Decree of Total, this Amnesty proposal carried out, the President of Republic it sanctioned the Decree of Total Amnesty number. 108/2018 of date July 4 and other for which it convoked the Sixth Dialogue Table, the first article of this decree of Total Amnesty, until here into force says the following:

“The Total Amnesty is granted to all citizens condemned by the justice court of Equatorial Guinea, for political crimes in the exercise of their activities, whether or not they are complying with the corresponding sentence, and those on their own in Inco-process that constituted an obstacle for the exercise of political activities” 

With this article the CI militants imprisoned were released and the same political party was restored because the Amnesty annuls or deletes the sentence to all the effects as determined by article 112 of the Equatorial Guinea common criminal code.

The PDGE barons, enemies to death of CI, said Amnesty’s Decree it could not be applied so that CI militants were not released and the same restored the party. For the PDGE, there is no law, or a state institution that opposes its political will. Therefore, by convening the Government the Sixth Dialogue Table that was at the proposal of CI to the United Nations, PDGE said that CI could not be present at meeting alleging that the CI Party is dissolved without taking into account the validity of the Total Amnesty sanctioned, saying that those of CI  are not political prisoners, with panorama, said Dialogue was over the great failure, whose minutes were not signed, as stated before the governments and organization of the International Community, unlike the Fifth Dialogue Table whose minutes were signed.

Faced with this abuse of power by the PDGE to veto the freedom in prison of CI militants and directives, a situation that made the International Community even more angry, the Government in its attempt to wash its face, again issued another Decree this time to Pardon to release CI militants and also legally guaranteed the restoration of the CI Party by collecting the following:

“Under the provisions of the previous article, the criminal liability derived from the acts for which they were convicted is provisionally declared extinguished; and, consequently, the lifting of any measure of deprivation or restriction of rights to which they were subject due to compliance with the respective sentences is agreed”

The PDGE, after the evidence, maneuvers again ordering the Ministry of Justice to release the individuals from CI that they were in prison in the sentence that annulled the Pardon Decree, while maintaining that CI it cannot be restored by exhibiting the same sentence already extinguished by the two Decrees of Total Amnesty and that of Pardon, both in force.

Fourteenth - trial of PDGE militants for the failed coup attempt attributed to CI: In 2019, the judiciary held two trials, one open door and one closed door, against PDGE militants after recognizing the Same PDGE through resolution number 29 that, its militants wanted to overthrow the President of the Republic and founder of his party, in clear violation of article 24 subsection (i) of Law Number 4/2015, dated May 28, of political parties in Guinea Equatorial that says verbatim:

"They are causes of extinction or dissolution of a political party, among others: " Attempting against State Security, territorial integrity, national unity, sovereignty, republican form of the State, political, social order and peace.”

With this legal basis whose tenor the Prosecutor's Office and the courts have to apply or have to apply to dissolve the democratic party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), but, as the PDGE is above the courts of justice where prosecutors and Judges are militants of the PDGE party, in clear violation of Article 11 subsection 2 of the Law on Political Parties in force, as evidenced by the same resolution of the PDGE expelling the two magistrates who were members of that party, and who appoints them, for That, the law could not be remembered to apply it to the PDGE. This is Equatorial Guinea's rule of law, judicial independence, legal certainty that fights against arbitrariness, in the face of evident evidence of the involvement of PDGE militants in the failed coup d'état, initially attributed falsely and criminally to CI and his National Leader Mr. Gabriel Nsé Obiang Obono, the Attorney General no longer appeared before the country's media, to give his usual statements for the dissolution of the government party involved in the coup, as he did in the case of CI in Aconibe and in the macro trial of Mongomo, for banal acts caused by the PDGE itself, the Government and the police by illicitly preventing the electoral campaign of CI in the city of Aconibe, undermining the electoral law and the law of assembly and demonstration in force.

Fifteenth - impediment of the PDGE C.I. not to take their seats in the Lower House and in the Malabo City Council as a violation of the Constitution: The President of the Republic before the UN general assembly in September 2018, acknowledged to the media that there are 18 legalized political parties in his country including CI, in many of his government statements as well, during the UPR (Universal Periodic Review) of the UN to Equatorial Guinea in Geneva Switzerland, the governments of the international community demanded that of Equatorial Guinea allow the CI elected officials take their seats, the PDGE, in its dictatorial, undemocratic eagerness and absolute owner of all State institutions, continues to veto that CI  cannot occupy his seats in the institutions in the Lower House (National parliament) and in the City Council of Malabo, in clear violation of article 2 of the Basic Law or constitution of Equatorial Guinea that says the following:

"Sovereignty belongs to the people, who exercise it through universal suffrage. From it emanate the public powers that are exercised under the conditions that this Fundamental Law and other laws determine. No fraction of the people (political party) or individual can claim the exercise of national sovereignty. ”

This article comes to be reinforced with international law, as follows:


"1. Everyone has the right to participate in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

 2. Everyone has the right of access, under equal conditions, to the public functions of his country.

 3. The will of the people is the basis of the authority of the public power; this will be expressed by means of authentic elections that must be held periodically, by universal and equal suffrage and by secret ballot or another equivalent procedure that guarantees the freedom of the vote”.


"All citizens shall enjoy, without any of the distinctions mentioned in article 2, and without undue restrictions, the following rights and opportunities:

a) Participate in the management of public affairs, directly or through freely chosen representatives;

b) Vote and be elected in periodic, authentic elections, held by universal and equal suffrage and by secret vote that guarantees the free expression of the will of the voters;

c) To have access, in general conditions of equality, to the public functions of their country.

Article 8 of the Fundamental Law of Equatorial Guinea, assumes this tenor of international law, by ensuring that:

"The Equatorial Guinean State abides by the principles of International Law and ratifies its adherence to the rights and obligations that emanate from the letters of the International Organizations and Organizations to which it has adhered"

Sixteenth- Economic debt: the Government due to the influence of the PDGE owes to the CI Political Party more than 200 million Cepha Francs.

Everything said shows the reality of all these execrable mistreatments of all kinds, including: violations of human rights, civil and political rights, deaths, of which the Citizens for Innovation of Equatorial Guinea Political Party is object, planned, plotted and executed by the government party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), in a clear demonstration of abuse of power, impunity and opprobrious dictatorship.

CI considers patience exhausted and hopes to find justice, therefore, it presents to all State institutions that, if these events are not arranged in accordance with all the postulates of rights that we have widely presented in this complaint, the government will determine restore the CI party and allow their elected officials to occupy their seats in the institutions, decisions that we hope will take place before the start of the second session corresponding to this year, between this July and August. If CI does not receive this news in law, it will resort to the national mobilization so that the voters of November 12, 2017 who voted CI  may take the streets of the country, to demand respect for the constitution and other laws of the national legal system, the release of all political prisoners who are in the country's jails, denounce the multiple murders of the Equatorial Guinean, legalization and restoration of all political parties, the release of refugees and an immediate political transition to inclusive democracy towards real democracy in Equatorial Guinea.

This document will be translated into two languages, English and French, the translations of which will also be published on this website.

Malabo July, 15,  2020,







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